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How Much Does Professional Cleaning Cost?

blog_images500bIf you’re thinking about a professional cleaning solution for your home or office, one of your main concerns is probably the cost. In this economy, the last thing anybody needs is another big line item in the monthly budget. Sure, we’d all like to have our space cleaned by professionals, but perhaps it’s a luxury we can’t afford.

Or can we?

While professional cleaning is an expense, it might not cost as much as you think. Small businesses and homeowners are often surprised at how affordable services can be once they actually inquire. Of course, not every job is the same, and prices may vary significantly from company to company. That said, any qualified professional cleaner should be able to provide an estimate based on the following factors.

1. Scope of cleaning services

The definition of “clean” varies from person to person. Some people want every nook and cranny to be cleaned and sparkling, while others only require the basics (floors, mirrors, tabletops, etc.). The cost of professional cleaning services will depend on how extensive you want the cleaning to be.

Most reputable companies will perform fairly extensive cleaning as part of their basic service. But you may have other needs, such as the cleaning of ovens and microwaves, ceilings, exteriors, carpets, upholstery, and so forth. Look for companies who offer to send a cleaning consultant to your building and have a detailed discussion about your cleaning needs. Only then can you be sure the estimate is good. Watch out for companies who provide rock bottom estimates and hit you with excess charges later. The professional relationship can sour in a hurry!

2. Square footage

This is one of the most important and obvious factors in determining the costs of professional cleaning. If you’re a big company that takes up three floors of a large office building, the square footage alone will make the job more time consuming and expensive. Small business and houses can generally expect to pay less for professional cleaning, while big offices and other businesses that require regular cleaning over a large area will need to budget for a reasonable costs. If you know the square footage of your home or business, and can answer a few other questions, some companies can provide basic estimates without visiting the site. This can give you a somewhat more accurate idea of what professional cleaning will cost you in NJ, or wherever you reside.

3. Type of home or business

A good professional cleaner will always take the environment into account. Some types of business (daycare, cafes, gyms) require special tools and procedures, while others have areas that are seldom used and don’t need cleaning every time. Likewise, a house occupied by a large family will require more resources to clean than a house occupied by only two people, even if the two houses have the same square footage.

4. Frequency of cleaning

In some cases, commercial or residential clients just want a one-time service (after a big party, for example). But most of the time, regularly scheduled cleaning is desired. The frequency of cleaning will be a major determining factor of cost. It’s good to have an idea of how often you want your home or office to be cleaned before contacting a professional cleaning company. Then you’ll be able to compare your needs with the company’s offerings, and find a solution that fits.

5. Ability of cleaners

Cleaning is a real profession that involves real training. Companies with well-trained employees might cost more than those who cut corners on or send out workers who aren’t qualified. Bargain basement prices are attractive in theory, but most clients want the best value instead of just the lowest price. A good cleaning company should be able to pay their staff well, have good training and recruitment practices, and still provide you with an excellent quote.

We hope this information has helped you in your quest for professional and affordable cleaning services! Please get in touch with any questions you might have.

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