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Six Spots People Forget when Cleaning House

cleaningservices500If you appreciate a truly clean home, you know it’s all about attention to detail. Running a vacuum across the carpet and wiping the countertops is necessary maintenance, but it takes time and energy to achieve an outstanding result that leaves your entire home feeling fresh and new.

But even if you set aside a whole day to clean house, it’s possible to forget a number of key spots. You can make a detailed list and check off every item, but houses are full of nooks and crannies. There are even obvious, important places that people often forget to clean. Check out this list of 10 common spots that people often forget when cleaning their homes.

1. Under the cushions

Sofas and chairs are notorious for attracting crumbs from our plates, junk from our pockets, and many other unsightly surprises. People often clean the surface of the sofa but forget to remove the cushions and go deeper.

2. Under the bed, sofa, chairs and appliances

Moving the sofa or the refrigerator can be a pain, and if you’ve got hardwood floors, you want to be careful not to scratch them. But when you see all the lint and debris that has gathered on the floor beneath, moving heavy items out of the way is well worth the satisfaction and peace of mind.

3. Buttons, handles, knobs and latches

It’s easy to focus on ‘big’ things like carpeting and tabletops, while neglecting the little things that actually need to be cleaned most. Your home is full of things that people touch regularly—such as doorknobs, cupboard latches and remote controls. These places tend to attract germs and bacteria, and cleaning them makes a huge difference.

4. Bathroom extras

Most bathrooms are full of various implements such as toothbrush holders, soap trays, decorative bowls or pictures. It’s easy to think that cleaning the bathroom is all about scrubbing the shower and toilet, but all of those extra knick-knacks can trap bacteria too.

5. Waste bins

Taking out the trash isn’t always enough. Every so often, waste bins need to be scrubbed and sterilized in order to eliminate odors and bacteria. This goes for the kitchen, bathroom, and various waste bins throughout the house.

6. Appliances

A refrigerator may look clean while hiding unpleasant odors or even forgotten food items. A washing machine or dishwasher can also become clogged with scum, debris and even mold. A truly deep clean does not neglect these important home appliances.

Getting your home really, really clean

If you decide to clean your own home, keep this list of commonly forgotten spots in mind. You’ll be less likely to overlook them, and more likely to get your home a truly comprehensive cleaning. If you’re bringing in a professional cleaning service, be sure to ask exactly what’s included. Most reputable cleaning companies will cover every item on this list and more; but it always pays to make sure. After all, there’s nothing like that fresh, new feeling that comes from a truly spotless home.

We hope you’ve found this post useful, and we’d love to see your questions or comments in the space below.

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