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5 Places Where Power Washing Works Wonders

powerwashing1Some things just get grimy over time. Constant foot traffic, bad weather, and the effects of aging leave surfaces grimy, dark, and far less visually appealing than they once were. You’ve tried scrubbing and scouring. You may have even experimented with one of those miracle cleaning solutions advertised on TV. But nothing works, and the surface looks just as old and aged as it did before. Oh well—nothing else you can do, right?

That’s where many people are mistaken. There is actually something you can do. An industrial strength power washing (also known as pressure washing) may be able to provide the force needed to lift those stubborn stains and return surfaces to their original brightness. These high-powered machines come in a variety of strengths, and can shoot water at anywhere from 1300 to 4200 PSI. That’s a lot of pressure! Most power washers also heat the water and mix it with a cleaning agent that cuts grime fast.

Let’s look at some of the places where power washers can be used around your home and business to lift stains and give you that like new appearance. A quite note: Power washers can be very dangerous. If you buy or rent one, it’s important to read up on these dangers and know how to avoid them. Professional power washing services are also available for those who don’t want to fuss with renting, owning or maintaining one of these machines.

1. Building exteriors

Our homes and businesses protect us from the elements, but in doing so, they absorb a great deal of dirt, mud and grime from the rain and wind. Most exteriors are designed to resist this buildup to a certain extent, but it’s almost impossible to prevent completely. Power washing can slice through that grime when nothing else can, leaving exteriors bright and fresh.

2. Decks

Constant foot traffic—in addition to the exposure to the elements—means that your prized deck will almost surely darken and fade with time. Most decks are made of materials that are completely safe for power washing. If you’re thinking about spending all day on your hands and knees scrubbing, consider this ultra-efficient option!

3. Walkways

We all sweep and shovel our walkways, but few of us take the next step and pummel that grime with a power washer. The high pressure from one of these machines can literally turn concrete several shades lights in a single pass.

4. Tubs and tiles

It seems extreme to think of taking a power washer to your grimy tub, but imagine relaxing into a hot bath, knowing dirt and grime have stood no chance against a punishing high-pressure wash. When done correctly and safely, power washing can be a shortcut to a super-clean tub and bathroom—especially if it hasn’t been deep cleaned in some time.

5. Boats

Anyone who has owned a boat knows that the underside of the vessel almost always builds up a dark stain from the algae and other particles in the water. This is especially true for boats that spend a lot of time in fresh water. This may not bother some boat owners, but others like to keep their boat meticulously clean and be proud to tow it around. For those people, the right power washer can make an amazing difference, leaving the boat fresh and clean without causing any harm to the materials on the underside.

Are you ready for real power?

Take a look around your home or business and ask yourself where a power washer might be able to cut dirt and grime that seems to have been there for ages. It’s affordable, and the results can be stunning. It’s good to know that when other cleaning options fail, there’s a powerful step that home and business owners can take.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this information has been helpful. Please leave your comments below.

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