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3 Things That Will Determine the Cost of Office Cleaning

office cleaningWhen it comes time for your office to review its budgets and profit margins, you want to be able to say that all of your expenses were lean and necessary. Anything not fitting that description risks being chopped from the budget—and rightfully so. Businesses work hard to turn a profit, and keeping the overhead down is an important way to do that.

Enter the necessity of office cleaning.

You could just ask staff to clean up after themselves, and try to avoid the expense that way. But if that doesn’t cut it (and if your company isn’t big enough to have a dedicated janitor), you’ll need to bring someone in—and pay them—to keep your office clean.

It’s well-known that a consistently clean and organized office contributes to a positive atmosphere and better work ethic. All things considered, it’s tough to imagine chopping this particular item from the budget. So the question is: How much should we be paying? Could it be that we’re paying too much, or that we could be getting a better service for the money?

1. Size of office and number of employees

If you’re a small software company with a few offices, a kitchen and a bathroom, professional cleaners can whip things into shape in no time. If you’re a sprawling distribution center with thousands of square feet, you’ll need serious cleaning power on a regular basis. This is fairly obvious—and it definitely plays to the advantage of smaller businesses, who are often surprised at how little they need to spend for regular professional cleaning. Large companies often have full time cleaning staff to make sure their needs are met.

2. Frequency of cleaning

Some facilities just need more cleaning than others. If your office is a busy manufacturing floor where cleaning is a matter of safety, you’ll need more frequent cleanings and the cost will rise accordingly. If there is very little foot traffic in your office and most of the work centers around meetings and laptops, you can implement workplace rules to keep the place clean between professional visits—and your costs will drop.

3. Quality of service

With professional cleaning, as with many goods and services, there is such a thing as “too good to be true.” While collecting estimates from professional cleaners in your area, you may come across one or two companies whose prices are unusually low. Tempting, right?

Just make sure you proceed with caution. Rock solid references and testimonials are extra important when dealing with a very low estimate. Often times, you’ll find the service from such companies is more trouble than it’s worth.

Getting the best deal

The cost of professional office cleaning depends on a few key factors. While it is possible to get the cost down by reducing the frequency of cleaning or switching to a low-cost company, such measures can sometimes be counterproductive. An office that is professionally cleaned instills a confidence, optimism and comfort—which can and will help your bottom line. Great results may cost slightly more, but the service will be dependable and will save both time and money in the long run.

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