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How Do I Find a Quality Cleaning Company?

cleaningkitchenHome and office cleaning is one professional service that runs the gamut. There are many companies out there who really do provide an excellent service. The workers are highly trained and friendly, the prices are reasonable, and the results leave you feeling like your home is brand new.

Others, not so much. You’ve probably heard stories from friends or colleagues (or perhaps online) about “professional” cleaning companies that aren’t professional at all—poorly trained workers, hidden charges, and results that leave you wondering why you didn’t do it yourself!

So how do you avoid the low end of this quality spectrum, and make sure you hire a cleaning company that takes its work—and your satisfaction—seriously?

It’s relatively simple. Just look for cleaning companies that have as many of the following attributes as possible.

1. Is the company licensed and bonded?

This is one of the clearest indicators that you’re dealing with a legitimate operation. Some cleaning companies are started with little more than a trip to the superstore and a classified ad in the paper. Operations that have been formalized and recognized as local businesses generally have better equipment and higher standards of service.

2. How big are the cleaning crews, and will a manager be on site?

There may be cases in which one person can do a fantastic job, but professional cleaning often works better when crews of two or three people are deployed together. This allows the job to be done thoroughly and redundantly to make sure the results are excellent. It also contributes to a positive working atmosphere for the cleaners involved. Even better of the company guarantees a manager at every job site.

3. Does the company regard environmental safety as a concern?

If the company strives to use cleaning methods that are environmentally friendly, they’ll generally be careful in other aspects of the business as well. Plus, many people (we hope you’re one of them!) prefer to do whatever they can to minimize damage to the environment.

4. Are there discounts or other customer loyalty programs?

Companies with systematic loyalty programs usually have an established base of satisfied clients. This is a good sign. Plus, if you need regular cleaning services (such as weekly office or monthly residential cleaning services), you can end up with significant savings as a result of these programs.

5. Are there hidden chargers or surcharges?

As a customer, one thing you don’t want are surprises on your cleaning bill. Look for companies that charge clear hourly rates and as few surcharges as possible. Of course you can’t expect things like same day service, but companies that surcharge you for owning a pet, or for needing service outside of business hours, may not be the kind of people you’ll want to deal with on a long term basis.

Finding a winner….

Chances are, there are enough cleaning companies in your local area to make the search interesting. You’ll definitely want to steer clear of one or two. But in order to find that one company gives you a really great service at competitive rates, use the system above to narrow the field. The good news is that once you find a professional cleaning company you’re happy with, there’ll be no reason to spend further time on it. Just sit back and let the cleaning begin!

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