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How To Deep Clean Your House

Deep cleaning your house simply entails cleaning it thoroughly, from the seen areas to the finest details of the unseen areas of all rooms. It also includes arranging and rearranging the rooms as you get rid of unwanted clothing and items. There are several ways to deep clean your house; top to bottom which means you start from the ceiling, windows all the way to the floor. You could also decide to clean certain sections of the house per day. Alternatively, you could decide to clean room by room. For example, you could set a day for every room. This is the most comprehensive way since it leaves no chances of forgetting some areas. This article gives tips on how to deep clean your house.

The Kitchen

  • Windows

Use detergent to wipe the windowpanes. This should be easy when the panes have no hard stains. If they have sticky stains, use vinegar and some soft cloth to wipe them. Hard cloths can cause scratches that would otherwise look very unsightly.

  • Cabinets

Polish the cabinets with a soft cloth. Most cabinets are made of medium density fiberboard that can easily be scratched if a hard cloth is used together with warm water and a squirt of dish soap. Repeat the same procedure with cabinet doors.

  • Fridge

Empty the fridge and remove the metal compartments. Use warm water with some dish soap and clean with a soft cloth. Repeat the process with the, metal compartments until they are polished to shine.

  • Appliances

Ensure the appliances are disconnected from the power source to avoid electrocution. Use a soft piece of cloth and soap to wipe inside, outside and around the appliances such as stove, oven and microwave.

  • Sink

Use lots of water and soap to clean the sink top and the taps until they are sparkling clean. Then, descend to the floor, which is the easiest of all.

  • Countertops

Use dish soap and a soft piece of cloth to wipe the countertops until they are shining clean. These are easy to clean since the surface is bare open and no hidden surfaces.

  • Bedroom

Arrange the closet by neatly folding the clothes as you get rid of the unwanted ones. Do the same with the shoes and replace the broken hungers with some new ones. Wipe the doors of the closet as well as the mirror. For the bed, wash the bed sheets, pillowcases and the duvet and spray the mattress with baking soda then use your hair drier to vacuum the baking soda to dry.

The Bathroom

  • Laundering

Wash the bathroom curtains and the towels and fold them neatly.

  • Doors and Mirrors

Use lots of soap water to clean glass doors and mirrors. Afterward, use a dry piece of cloth to dry them. If they have hard stains on them, use warm water and dish soap to clean.

  • Sink and Taps

Use water and soap to wash the sink and taps, together with the showerheads and grab bars until they are sparkling clean. These are easy to clean since they are made of stainless steel.

  • Floor

Use a hard brush and water to clean the floor. The brittles will unclog the grout lines to avoid mold and mildew growth. If you have a carpet, use can wash it or vacuum it if it is just dusty.

The Living Room

  • Couches

Remove the cushions and vacuum all the unseen and seen dusty surfaces. You can use a hard brush and warm water to scrub hard stains on cushions and the back and arms of the couches.

  • Electronics

Disconnect the power cables and use a dry clean piece of cloth to wipe the dust off. For the inner parts, use a dust blower for items such as the computer and speakers.

  • Floor

Use a hard brush and soap water to scrub the floor that has hard stains, dirt and foods stains. For the carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to pick dust and other small solid waste on the surface. If it is so much dirty, have it cleaned by professional cleaning services.

Having a deep cleaned house is the best feeling ever. You experience a great sense of achievement after you have had one. Your mind is relaxed since you do not have to look for stuff for several hours. You also feel confident with yourself and no longer afraid to invite friends and family over. For these and many more benefits, make a point to deep clean your house. If you are not able to do it yourself for whatever reasons, be sure to call for professional cleaning services.

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