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What is the Fastest Way to Clean a House?

Cleaning a house is not among the most favorite house chores for many because it takes much of your time and energy. You will thus usually feel a great sense of achievement after you have thoroughly cleaned your home. Therefore, you may ask yourself how you can clean your house not just efficiently, but also faster. Some people may argue that the room-to-room method is the easiest, while others prefer to do one type of chore at a time, in all the rooms. This article looks at a step-by-step process on the way to clean your house fast.

  • Put All Clutter in Laundry Baskets

A messy house has all types of clutter lying all over the surface, floor, dining table, the couches, and countertops. This could be in the form of clothing, paper, dirty beddings, books, crayons, food, and pens. These take the lion’s share of a messy house since they make the house look disorganized and dirty. Without tackling them first, you cannot advance to the next stage of the cleaning process. So collect such clutter, put it in laundry baskets, and dispose it so that you have enough room to do the cleaning.

  • Dust the House

The removal of clutter leaves a lot of dust laying all over the surface, so the next step is to dust the house. Use a dry piece of microfiber cloth and a squirt spray with warm water to use where there are stains. If the stain is too strong, you can use a vinegar squirt. You should not use a wet cloth since this will make you work harder because a wet cloth leaves strings of marks on the surfaces.

  • Clean the Fabrics

The next step is quite easy; use a squirt of vinegar and warm water to clean the fabrics of couch surfaces. Warm water is just enough for fabrics without stains, while vinegar squirt and warm water is advisable for fabrics with strong tough stains. If this does not work, you can try using a hard brush, after you have sprayed the vinegar. As you go on with your cleaning, you can put your dirty laundry and beddings into the washing machine and let them get cleaned up.

  • Clean the Surfaces

Now it is time to pay attention to the surfaces: windowpanes, TV screens, tables, chairs, and countertops. Use a microfiber piece of cloth and warm water squirt to clean the dust and fingerprints, since most of these surfaces do not usually have stains that would otherwise require scrubbing or a strong cleaning agent. Avoid getting the cloth wet since this would only complicate your work by leaving strings of markings on the surfaces.

  • Clean the Bathroom and the Kitchen

The bathroom and the kitchen are places that homeowners find the hardest to clean. However, it is very easy if you do it the right way. Just use a soft piece of cloth and a vinegar squirt to wipe the surfaces of the kitchen countertops, the stove, the sink and the microwave, bathroom doors, and mirrors. Much attention should be paid to the surfaces below the sink of both the kitchen and the bathroom. Alternatively, you can wash the sink with lots of water and use a dry cloth to dry the surfaces. Pour the scouring powder into the bathroom toilet, brush a little and then flush it.

  • Vacuum the House

Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any dirt pieces that may have been left on the surface of the seats and floor. This will also help to dry off the couches that become wet in the previous steps of cleaning the house. This is also a good time to transfer the cleaned laundry from the washing machine to the dryer.

  • Clean the Floors

Cleaning the floors is the last step of cleaning the house. Cleaning the floor is a very easy step because all you are required to do is get rid of any dirt pieces that may have been left or fallen on the ground when putting away clutter in the laundry baskets. If you want to use the house immediately, mopping might not be advisable since the floor will be wet. Therefore, you might want to consider using a dry mop instead.

Doing one chore at a time is the fastest way to clean a house because going room to room may be tiring and boring, especially when you are not in the best of your moods. This process also gives you instant results so that you can feel that you are making progress, hence more motivation.

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