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How Do You Clean a Carpet By Hand?

No matter how much you try to keep the carpet clean, the truth is that it will need cleaning after some time. This is because dust is ever-present, while your pet will always bring in mud and drop off hairs. However, it is not necessary to seek professional cleaning services. By following some easy steps and getting handy, you should achieve a clean carpet in no time. This article gives information on how to clean a carpet by hand.

  • Agitate the Carpet

After you have moved all the furniture in your way, use a broom to sweep the dirt and solid particles on the surface of the carpet. You do not need to use a particular pattern to do this, as you can do it randomly. This is because this process is just meant to loosen the solid particles and bring them on the surface of the carpet so that the vacuum cleaner can easily pick them up.

  • Vacuum the Loose Dirt

After sweeping the dirt with a broom and you can now see the dirt, dust and pet hairs, use a vacuum to suck them up from the carpet. A vacuum cleaner is recommended because you cannot pick up dust and pet hairs from the carpet by use of hand. This is why a good vacuum cleaner with a high suction power and HEPA filtration system is advisable. This is because such a cleaner will pick up even the tiniest dirt particles, dust, and even pet hairs. The cleaner should double auto cleaning pads, one with fine microfiber for use on hard surfaces, and the other with hard bristles for use on the carpet.

  • Apply Cleaning Solution

After you have picked up dust and dirt particles from the carpet, it is now time to apply the cleaning agent or solution. You can use either carpet cleaning agents or you can make your homemade cleaning solution by mixing a few teaspoonful of vinegar and equal portions of water in a bucket. Instead of vinegar, you could use lemon juice or baking soda. These are known to contain antimicrobial agents. To each of these solutions, you can add some droplets of essential oils to do away with the odors from the solution and pets. For better spreading, use a spray bottle to distribute the solution on the carpet surface then wait for about an hour for the solution to work on the dirt and stains.

  • Scrub With a Hard Brush

Proceed to scrub the already spread solution on the carpet surface by using a scrub brush. For effective cleaning, you could also have a bucket of water mixed with detergent. Dip the scrub brush in the detergent and gently scrub the carpet while kneeling. This step is quite exhausting so prepare to get tired. All the same, it is a good physical activity to keep you healthy once a week, if you spend most of your time behind an office desk.

  • Vacuum the Carpet

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove most of the foam on the carpet. This will also help dry off most of the water that the carpet has already absorbed from the cleaning solution as well as the detergent.

  • Rinse the Carpet

Put some warm water in a bucket, for use in rinsing the carpet. Dip the scrub brush in the water and scrub the carpet for the second time. Repeat this process until you cover the whole carpet. Again, be careful not to use so much force as this would damage the carpet by removing fibers.

  • Dry Vacuum the Carpet

Immediately after you are done rinsing the carpet, it is now time to dry the carpet. You can use either a wet blower or a dry cleaner to dry the water off the carpet. Again, this is where a good vacuum cleaner with a powerful blower comes in to dry off the excess water from the surface of the carpet. Since the vacuum cannot dry all the water completely, you might want to have your windows open for maximum aeration. Also, turn on the air conditioner to help dry off the moisture. Alternatively, you can leave the carpet overnight and all the moisture will have gone by the following morning.

As seen in this article, it is possible to clean your carpet by hand. You just need to follow the aforementioned tips to ensure everything goes according to plan. However, if this sounds quite overwhelming to you, be sure to reach out to professionals for assistance. Professional carpet cleaners have the needed skills and expertise to offer a great carpet cleaning experience.

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